Advocacy Practice Areas

Indeed, clients are realizing the go to premier working class practice group in this area, in and around Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, and Western Pennsylvania is the law office of William F. Caye II, LLC. William F. Caye II, LLC is a law firm focusing solely on providing quality representation to individuals who have been or who may be facing criminal charges. Handling a wide-variety of cases and providing professional services in areas, such as: trial advocacy and litigation support, as well as consulting; grand jury matters, and juvenile delinquency cases; professional licensing, magisterial and arbitration hearings; criminal tax investigations and government regulatory affairs; and white-collar offenses, cyber-crimes, fraud, internal audits and environmental, and criminal defense; direct appeals; elder law issues, wills, estates and trusts; small business development and corporate compliance, in addition to the defense of proprietary claims. The Law Office of William F. Caye II, LLC, features competitive and reasonable based professional service fee arrangements and hourly rates. The Law Office of William F. Caye II, LLC accepts engagements, private clients and conflict referrals. Here are some of the statewide venues Bill has advocated in:

 Allegheny,  Armstrong, Beaver , Butler, Cambria , Crawford, Elk, Erie, Greene, Indiana, Jefferson, Lawrence, Mercer, Somerset, Venango, Washington, Warren


Criminal & Juvenile Defense Matters

William F. Caye II, LLC is primarily a litigation firm with strategic partners that is available 24/7 for engaged clients across the Western Pennsylvania, Allegheny County and Pittsburgh region. And, William F. Caye II, LLC is completely dedicated to giving all clients the high-quality legal services they need when being faced with serious criminal charges. Attorney William F. Caye II has successfully represented thousands of clients in all types of Juvenile and/or Criminal proceedings, including by ways of examples: bail bond hearings, preliminary hearings, probation violations, appeals, and in critical criminal pretrial litigation and trials before a judge or jury and more.

Attorney William F. Caye II is an accomplished, award winning and well-respected trial attorney, a former state and county prosecutor, a former federal and state court judicial law clerk; and he has routinely appeared on the record in Court in over 100 Magisterial Districts and over 25 Courts of Common Pleas at the County level throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In so doing, Bill has worked tirelessly to build an outstanding legal reputation second to none as being well prepared, diligent and knowledgeable in criminal and juvenile defense litigation with over two decades of proven results in and around Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, and Western Pennsylvania.

If you are under reasonable suspicion of criminal or regulatory investigation or have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, you need an experienced trial attorney who will persuasively and effectively defend your interests and protect your rights. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you engage William F. Caye II and schedule your confidential consultation for purposes of legal representation.