Skills Summary.

I offer a well rounded perspective from my unique background, education, training and proven experience of over 22 years statewide jury trial results. I have excelled in the public and private sectors. According to my peers, I adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards for legal ability, integrity and temperament, and am familiar with all branches of government and all sectors of government. I have strong organizational, research and analytical skills and a proven track record of delivering exceptional client services. I am motivated to perform efficiently to meet deadlines, to multi-task and to resolve complex matters with simplicity and creativity, alike. I am able to work well independently and am proficient at problem solving and monitoring programs and plans of action, and addressing crisis with poise. I bring a results oriented leadership approach to every situation, and I pay attention to details. I am well versed in the rules of Evidence and Court. I am familiar with interpreting and implementing regulatory enforcement procedures, rules, and regulations. I have taught and lectured, at different levels, on various legal subjects. I possess extensive work experience, across the Commonwealth, handling litigation, motions practice, arguments, arbitrations and trials. I have a judicial law clerk background that includes extensive legal drafting and writing; and I have contributed to published materials. I have a passion for researching and planning projects and for fast pace functioning through teamwork. Further, I am passionate about helping people improve quality of life and am especially good working with seniors and children in human interest capacities. I endeavor to play a part in a meaningful capacity to promote and foster best practices and sound policy decision-making to help others. As such, I look forward to being productive to a client, firm or organization that needs diversity, excellence and consistency.

William is a distinguished lawyer and respected alumnus of Duquesne University where he graduated magna cum laude with a BA Degree, in 1990, and where he later received his JD, in 1993, having served as editor to the award winning law-student publication, JURIS. Bill was admitted to the bar, in 1994, and started his professional career judicial-clerking for Chief US District Court Judge Donald E. Ziegler and was regarded for his excellent research and writing talents in the areas of federal employment and labor laws. Next, Bill went on to successfully try numerous criminal cases to verdicts between 1995 and 1998 as an Assistant District Attorney, in the trial section, for the District Attorney of Allegheny County, Honorable Robert Colville, Sr. Bill assisted other prosecutors in the domestic abuse and area prosecution units before venturing to the private defense bar, as an Associate Attorney for Carl A. Parise, in 1998. While working for Mr. Parise, Bill successfully defended clients charged with major crimes and DUI related offenses and, in particular, he cultivated an estates and trusts practice in the Orphans’ Court. A year later, Bill became a highly touted Senior Associate with Gaydos, Gaydos & Associates, in White Oak, PA, and his skills expanded, beyond criminal litigation, into areas of Civil, Arbitration, Juvenile and municipal disputes. Bill actively participated in the ACBA lawyer referral and juvenile justice court programs, as needed, assisting in the representation of many indigent clients. Bill, at that time, was designated by the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas as a court-appointed trial attorney advocating and defending adults and children charged as co-defendants, due to professional conflicts of interest. Later in 1999, Bill launched his own law firm focusing on assorted litigation in Allegheny, Butler, Westmoreland and Washington Counties and he began cultivating transactional and regulatory compliance work to benefit small family-run businesses and start-ups. Bill provided judicial and administrative legal support and advice clerking for Honorable Cynthia A. Baldwin of the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas Family & Civil Divisions between 2000 and 2005, and periodically served as a master or arbiter to help alleviate backlogs. In 2006, Attorney General Tom Corbett assigned Bill to be a Commonwealth’s Deputy Attorney General prosecuting crimes against children in a new unit known as the Child Predator Unit to enforce internet safety. Bill managed a 100% conviction rate for this very difficult subject matter and he personally prosecuted and convicted over 110 sexual offenders targeting minors. In 2008, Bill was promoted to Senior Deputy Attorney General having won 10 consecutive jury trials against a series of “super criminal defense lawyers.” Bill was re-assigned to prosecute elder abuse, public corruption, tax fraud and environmental crimes, in 2014. In 2015, Bill had decided to return to the private sector. Bill is considered an accomplished legal advocate that has over 22 years of unique courtroom litigation and statewide jury trial experience. In fact, earlier this year, Bill was awarded a public service award for his work “protecting lives and saving futures” by the Achieving Greatness organization. Moreover, Bill ran for the Court of Common Pleas as an endorsed candidate. According to the ACBA Judiciary Committee, Bill has “the highest reputation for legal ability, experience, integrity and temperament to excel as a judge.” Bill retains active memberships in the sole practice and criminal law sections of the Allegheny, Pennsylvania and American Bar Associations. He formerly was involved with the unauthorized practice of law and government practice sections. Bill has guest-lectured at the Cyril Wecht Institute and has instructed continuing legal education seminars. Bill has served the legal profession, over the course of his extensive career, as an appointed Master barrister at the prestigious American Inns of Court Dean Ed Sell Chapter. When he is away from the practice of law, Bill gives back to the community through mentoring of younger lawyers and his work with charities and non-profits, especially those organizations that invest in education, health, safety and welfare of our children and seniors.