Outstanding Community Member Award

Posted on February 27, 2015 · Posted in Media


Congratulations to Mr. William Caye II!
Achieving Greatness Inc., would like to recognize you as an outstanding Community member for our 2015 Public Service Awards. The Achieving Greatness Inc., Pittsburgh and Allegheny County Public Service Awards started after the turmoil our country endured during the 9-11 attacks. Achieving Greatness Inc., recognizes a need to acknowledge those people, who without hesitation put the lives of others before their own. Achieving Greatness Inc., wants to recognize those members who through dedication, desire and determination, have found the strength to support their Pittsburgh community. You will join the elite club of public servants such as police officers, military personal and educators. You will be among other such as, fireman, community activist, paramedics, and EMT.

You have been recommended as an outstanding member of the Pittsburgh Community. On Friday, February 27th 2015, you will be recognized: for your capacity to be a positive role model, for dedication to the people of Allegheny County, for your allegiance and for being and advocate for your local community. The Pittsburgh and Allegheny County Public Service Awards “Honoring our Communities Heroes”.