Business Law.

The changing business climate in and around Pittsburgh, Allegheny County and western Pennsylvania means that new business ventures are under increasing pressure to succeed.

In referral collaboration, Bill Caye teams with Business Legal P.C., Attorney Lynn Emerson to assist business clients with the formation of all types of business entities. Whether a brand-new venture or combining forces in a merger or acquisition, we can help navigate the multitude of legal issues and set your business on the path to success.

Remember, experience in business law is a huge advantage. A significant part of the practice of law involves matters that one cannot learn in a book or a classroom.

That’s why we know the obstacles new businesses face are rarely packaged neatly in one distinct area, and we pride ourselves on being well-rounded enough to understand the whole picture and create solutions for you.

Deciding what type of business entity best suits your needs is by far the most important decision you need to make, whether a merger of existing companies or a start-up. Working with you hand-in-hand, we will provide expert and sound guidance in making the right choices to best achieve your business goals.

Once you make this important decision, we will advise you on the myriad of details, including shareholder agreements, contracts, employee benefits, policies and training, executive compensation, restrictive covenants, family succession planning, corporate finance, intellectual property and creditor’s rights.

Our goal is to provide practical, useful advice that proves to you the value of engaging business legal counsel.

General Corporate

Our clients operate in a fast-moving, cutting-edge business world. They need experienced, knowledgeable counsel to help them satisfy rapidly changing demands, competitive forces and regulatory matters, to name a few.

The team of Bill Caye and Business Legal P.C.’s Lynn Emerson advises innovative and emerging companies in Allegheny and surrounding counties in Western Pennsylvania with respect to a broad range of ordinary course general corporate and commercial matters. This includes issuances, transfers and redemptions of securities; licenses of intellectual property; confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements; equity compensation and other employee incentive arrangements; and secured transactions, among others.

For a complete list of corporate law services, contact William F. Caye II, LLC.

Corporate Governance

Concerns about corporate governance are front and center in the minds of board members, executives, shareholders and investors.

The team of Bill Caye and Business Legal P.C.’s Lynn Emerson assist both public and private businesses regarding governance issues, regulatory compliance and similar matters, including current applications and interpretations of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Our clients receive advice on matters of fiduciary responsibility of directors and officers, board composition and structure, risk management, governance requirements of the securities’ exchanges and shareholder relations, among others.

For a complete list of corporate governance services, contact William F. Caye II, LLC.