People often ask Bill Caye how he can defend criminals.  His answer is always the same – He doesn’t.  He defends those accused of crimes.  And whether those crimes are misdemeanors like DWI or petty larceny, or felonies like drug sale and possession, rape, robbery or any other serious crime, his job is the same – to make sure that his clients receive the best defense they can get.  Because that is what every defendant is entitled to, and that is what every defendant deserves.

Police and prosecutors in Pittsburgh and the surrounding region take criminal charges very seriously. You can be sure that they will come after you or a loved one with everything they’ve got and seek the maximum punishment allowed by law.

Only a former prosecutor like Bill Caye can think like a prosecutor to best anticipate the government’s strategy and formulate the right plan to defeat it. Bill knows how to deal with district attorneys, with judges, with the police, and with his clients and their families. His promise to every client is the same: that he will work hard for you, and that he will give you the best defense you can get.  And he will be honest with you. Sometimes the best result in a case is a plea bargain.  And if that’s your case, he will tell you the truth.  The worst thing an attorney can do is mislead the client about the case.

When you are charged with a crime, the future is suddenly uncertain. You are going through enough already and that’s why Bill Caye will give your case the attention it deserves. He will thoroughly review your case and offer honest feedback. When your freedom is on the line, trust defense attorney Bill Caye for the in-depth attention your case requires.

Even if you’re not sentenced to jail, a criminal record will have a serious impact on your life, preventing you from getting jobs, housing and more. That’s why it’s critical to hire an aggressive criminal defense attorney to negotiate a favorable plea deal, or get your charges dismissed, by giving you the best chance of winning at trial.

Every client deserves their attorney’s best.  That’s what you’ll get from Bill Caye.

If you are under reasonable suspicion of a criminal investigation or have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, contact Bill Caye immediately.