Juvenile Crimes.

My child has been accused of a crime. What should I do?

Being arrested and charged with a crime is frightening under any circumstances. When the arrestee is you son or daughter, the anxiety level can go through the roof!

Let’s face it. Young people don’t always make smart choices in a given situation. They can end up in trouble by falling victim to peer pressure and they are often unaware of the long-term consequences of their acts.

As a parent, you feel extremely concerned about how your son or daughter will be treated, what will happen in the days and weeks ahead, and whether there will be a record of juvenile delinquency. If convicted of a crime, juveniles may be unable to pursue certain educational or employment opportunities. Additionally, your child could be placed in a juvenile detention center.

With your child’s future on the line, it is vital that you consult with an aggressive attorney who has the knowledge and skills to help your child through a rough time.

Bill Caye has the know-how in defending juveniles from a range of felony and misdemeanor charges. He knows what awaits your child on the other side of conviction, as well as what moves to make now to defend against that outcome.

Juvenile lawyers must have specific skills, knowledge and experience which uniquely qualifies them to represent minors in a court of law. Bill Caye is ready to stand by you or your loved one every step of the way. Cases like these are often highly charged with emotion and you need the kind of peace of mind that Bill can provide. Keeping the bases covered is very important in a case involving a minor, because the final outcome will have a huge impact on their future.

Juvenile Crimes