Vehicle Code and DUI Offenses.

Nearly every driver has received a traffic ticket at least once in their lifetime. For most, getting a citation is looked as simply as an inconvenience. However. In Pennsylvania, if an individual commits a certain amount of traffic offenses over a given period of time, it could lead to a driver’s license suspension.

A point system is used to determine punishments for persons who continuously commit traffic offenses. When an individual accumulates six points, he or she will have to go through an assessment, involving a driver’s test and/or having a hearing to determine if your driver’s license should be suspended. If a driver accumulates 11 points, the license is automatically suspended.

Working with an experienced defense attorney is the best way to keep points from appearing on your driving record. When you go into the courtroom, you want someone standing by your side with experience fighting traffic tickets in the state. He can help plead your case and attempt to restore your driving privileges. Bill Caye is that attorney!

While many traffic violations result in fines and driver’s license suspension, there are a number of serious offenses that result in more significant penalties, including jail time. Some of these offenses include DUI, vehicular assault, felony DUI, homicide while under the influence, reckless driving, road rage, hit and run and driving with a suspending license, among others.

If you have been cited for any traffic violation, you need to take it seriously.

Consulting Bill Caye in a timely fashion is extremely important to protecting your legal rights and your driving license operating privileges. Fact is, you may have as little as 10 days to lawfully contest the sufficiency of the charges.

An experienced criminal law attorney, Bill will thoroughly analyze your case. He will clearly and honestly explain the options before you, including what a conviction could mean for your driver’s license. He can also examine whether police had probable cause to pull you over and other facts relevant to your case.

Bill Caye has an in-depth know-how of the ever-changing laws pertaining to DUI and drunk driving arrest in Pennsylvania.

Being arrested and charged with a DUI or DWI will result in two different, yet parallel legal challenges. The first is a criminal prosecution in which the offender, if convicted, could face criminal penalties such as mandatory jail time and fines, alcohol education programs and probation.

However, just as legally challenging is dealing with a civil/administrative regulatory action seeking to suspend and/or revoke your driver’s license as an administrative “collateral consequence” separate from any criminal penalties.

Both of these actions must be addressed immediately. Retaining the professional legal services of attorney Bill Caye can greatly benefit the defense of both the criminal and civil cases.

Keep in mind that when you are licensed to operate a motor vehicle in Pennsylvania, you are voluntarily agreeing to the rule of implied consent, meaning that if law enforcement stops you on a reasonable suspicion of impaired driving due to drugs or alcohol, you must submit to a chemical test. This test is used to measure your blood alcohol concentration which will determine if a charge will be filed and whether or not eventual punishments you face if convicted of a DUI, either probation, jail or both.

If you refuse to submit, you can face an automatic loss of license.

Note, too, that previous vehicle code violations and convictions will weigh against you with a possible increase in penalties, fines, costs and the period of incarceration.

If you are facing minor or more serious violations of the vehicle traffic code, it is strongly advised that you engage Bill Caye by scheduling a confidential consultation for purposes of legal representation.